Frank McBride & Peterson T. “Pete” Ryan (Switch)

Created by Alan Godfrey & Glen A. Larson In 1975, CBS tried to cash in on the then-white hot success of The Sting, the 1973 big screen Newman/Redford con man smasheroo, with Switch. The show's pilot, a 90-minute made-for-TV movie, was called "Las Vegas Roundabout," and aired in March 1975, and quickly set up the series. The … Continue reading Frank McBride & Peterson T. “Pete” Ryan (Switch)

Thomas Magnum (Magnum, P.I.)

Created by Donald P. Bellisario & Glen A. Larson I just don't get it. Never has such a so-so show had such a large impact on the genre as the MAGNUM, P.I. A watered-down and beefcaked-up Rockford Files wannabe, utilizing Hawaii 5-O's discarded props and then-rising star (and former cigarette commercial star) Tom Selleck... Okay, okay, I … Continue reading Thomas Magnum (Magnum, P.I.)