Johnny Havoc

Created by John Jakes Pseudonyms include Alan Payne, Jay Scotland, Rachel Ann Payne and William Ard Care for a little cheese? JOHNNY HAVOC's main claim to fame is that he's short. In fact, at 5'1", he's got to be one of the shortest eyes around. But he sure doesn't let it get him down--he's a … Continue reading Johnny Havoc

Lou Largo

Created by William Ard Pseudonyms include¬†Jonas Ward, Ben Kerr, Thomas Wills and Mike Moran (1922-1960) LOU LARGO must have been a pretty popular dick in his time, because when his creator, William Ard, passed away--having written just two books in the series--his publisher, Monarch Books, just kept pumping them out. The byline may have read … Continue reading Lou Largo