Sam Beckett

Created by John Lawrence (1907-1970) "The gunman walked over and fired again into his cheek, blew a ragged hole in the jaw; the body jerked, flopped over onto its back, arms outstretched. The gunman stood looking down, finally leaned over and spat into the bloody face." --from "Mouthpiece" One of pulpster John Lawrence's many over-hard-boiled … Continue reading Sam Beckett

Joey Saphir

Created by John Lawrence (1907-1970) "The first thing he did when he came out of the death house was to put on his turban." -- opening sentence of "Buried in Bond" JOEY SAPHIR is yet another of John Lawrence's Big Apple-based eyes. He only made a few appearances, as far as I can tell, in the … Continue reading Joey Saphir

Cass Blue

Created by John Lawrence (1907-1970) CASS BLUE is a New York private dick who appeared in several short stories in Dime Detective back in the thirties. With his hard-ass attitude, a conveniently flexible set of morals and a blackjack on his hip, he's ready for just about anything. His pals include speakeasy owner Al Lascoine, … Continue reading Cass Blue

The Acme Indemnity Op

Created by Jan Dana Pseudonym of John Frederick Brooks Lawrence (1907-1970) Sssshhhhh.... don't tell the Hammett folks. But in 1937, Dime Detective started publishing a series of short stories featuring a nameless hard-boiled, cynical claims investigator who worked for a national insurance agency. No similarity to Hammett's very popular and influential hard-boiled, cynical Continental Op, … Continue reading The Acme Indemnity Op