Zoe Busiek (Wild Card)

Created by Lynn Latham and Bernard Lechowick "Nobody's ever accused me of being an adult before." -- Zoe reveals she’s no SuperMomThe American TV channel Lifetime isn’t exactly known for its hard-boiled fare, but they did make it a watered-down go back in 2003, when they premiered Wild Card, folding some occasionally gritty and often … Continue reading Zoe Busiek (Wild Card)

“Baddle Ax” Baddalach

Created by Norman Partridge "Get your hands in the air...and give me that chihuahua!" Former light heavyweight champ JACK "BADDLE AX" BADDALACH has lost his last match, so he's not too fussy about taking the odd job from Freddy G., owner of the Casbah Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. And odd is the operative … Continue reading “Baddle Ax” Baddalach

Martha Chainey

Created by Gary Phillips From the creator of Ivan Monk comes a new hero, MARTHA CHAINEY. Okay, so she's not a P.I., and she's not exactly on the side of the angels. But she's a six foot, tough-talking, hard-as-nails African American ex-showgirl now working as a courier for some Vegas thugs, so you go ahead--you … Continue reading Martha Chainey

Jack Morgan, Peter Knight, Dan Carter, Chris Schneider, Craig Gisto, Santosh Wagh, Joey Montague, Matteo Ricci, et al (Private)

Created by James Patterson, Maxine Paetro, Mark Sullivan, Mark Pearson, Michael White, Ashwin Sanghi, Rees Jones, Jassy Mackenzie, Adam Hamdy, et al I've heard so many bad and even cruel things from writers and readers whom I generally respect about James Patterson's writing--tempered by equally effusive but vague praise by diehard fans--that I really had … Continue reading Jack Morgan, Peter Knight, Dan Carter, Chris Schneider, Craig Gisto, Santosh Wagh, Joey Montague, Matteo Ricci, et al (Private)

Cricket West

Created by Fred Zackel Former federal agent and current Las Vegas private eye Cricket West, a "broken nose blonde on the dark side of thirty," is reeling with "euphoria" after getting her second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, in 2021's Drunk in Blood. "Lockdown was a bitch," is the way she puts it. But that feeling … Continue reading Cricket West

Dicky Barrett (Vegas Dick)

Created by Rich Wilkes Vegas Dick was a UPN pilot, scheduled to air during the 2003-04 season, centering on DICKY BARRETT, a former con artist attempting to go straight, but who ends up scamming his way into a gig as the house detective at a swanky Las Vegas casino and hotel, after saving the life of … Continue reading Dicky Barrett (Vegas Dick)

Trevor Oaks

Created by Percy Spurlark Parker Las Vegas P.I. TREVOR OAKS only appeared once, in Percy Spurlark Parker's 2009 novel, The Good-Looking Dead Guy. Trevor's a big guy, weighing in at somewhere around "two hundred and sixty pounds of black muscle," which means the former University of Nevada Las Vegas football player can handle the occasional bodyguard … Continue reading Trevor Oaks

Mark Foran

Created by W.T. Ballard (Willis Todhunter Ballard) Pseudonyms include P. D. Ballard, Harrison Hunt, Neil MacNeil, John Shepherd (1903-80) "Mark Foran, Newest of the Private Ops--out-Harpers Harper." -- the front cover blurb for the 1967 edition Los Angeles gumshoe MARK FORAN, plagued as he is with an "oversize bump of curiousity" appeared in only one … Continue reading Mark Foran

King Bennett

Created by Dean Davis "Every man has his vice. For some it's alcohol while for others it's gambling. Mine happens to be dames. They cost me enough. Why would I need another addiction draining my wallet?" -- from "Click", Said the Camera There's plenty to love about this legendary long-running series by Dean Davis, "the … Continue reading King Bennett

John J. MacShayne

Created by Michael Gleason Kenny Rogers as a P.I.? Some folks should really know when to fold 'em. In 1994, NBC unleashed the popular country singer as Las Vegas casino head of security guy JOHN J. MacSHAYNE, as part of the mixed bag of rejuvenated characters from the past and a few new ones to … Continue reading John J. MacShayne