Matt Scudder

Created by Lawrence Block (1938--) Loads of fictional private eyes drink oceans of booze. Some become invincible, some become silly, some become virtual Einsteins of deduction. MATT SCUDDER had no such luck. He drank and became an alcoholic. He used to be one of New York's Finest, a decent-enough detective, honest enough to get by, … Continue reading Matt Scudder

Philo Vance

Created by S.S. Van Dine Pseudonym of Willard Huntington Wright (1888-1939) "Philo Vance Needs a kick in the pance." -- Ogden Nash Yes, yes, yes. As several people have pointed out to me over the years, PHILO VANCE was a private eye, and it would be unfair for me to exclude him from this site. … Continue reading Philo Vance