Joe Kozmarski

Created by Michael Wiley Michael Wiley's The Last Striptease (2007) won the Private Eye Writers of America/St. Martin's Press Best First Private Eye Novel contest, and introduced ex-cop turned Chicago PI JOE KOZMARSKI, whose biggest strength may be that he's, well, just a regular joe. I mean, he's got a mother, fer cryin' out loud, … Continue reading Joe Kozmarski

Sam Kelson

Created by Michael Wiley Chicago private eye SAM KELSON cannot tell a lie. Or keep his fucking mouth shut. He took a bullet to the head while working as an undercover cop, and he's been like that ever since, unable to tell a falsehood or┬ákeep it zipped. If you've ever wondered what would happen if … Continue reading Sam Kelson

Props & Peeves

Private Eye Stories from A Real-Life P.I. By Colleen Collins Okay, true confession time here. Yes, I'm a working professional private investigator , but the truth is... I love reading about fictional private eyes' searches for hidden truths down a wide variety of mean streets. I just love the stuff, and I'm honoured to have … Continue reading Props & Peeves

Franky Dast

Created by Michael Wiley Sure, there've been other private eyes who've served time, but Jacksonville, Florida's FRANKY DAST might be the first to have spent time on death row. After serving three years waiting to be executed for the murder of two boys, and previously "five more in Supermax," Franky is a free man, more … Continue reading Franky Dast