“Baddle Ax” Baddalach

Created by Norman Partridge "Get your hands in the air...and give me that chihuahua!" Former light heavyweight champ JACK "BADDLE AX" BADDALACH has lost his last match, so he's not too fussy about taking the odd job from Freddy G., owner of the Casbah Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. And odd is the operative … Continue reading “Baddle Ax” Baddalach

Clay Dakota

Created by Gilbert Ralston (1912-1999) Much like Ralph Dennis' Hardman series, it's difficult to see the six novels Gilbert Ralston wrote featuring CLAY DAKOTA, a half Piegan, half Shoshoni ex-Marine and ex-cop turned Nevada rancher, rodeo rider and private detective, as part of the 1970s Men's Adventure craze. But that's how they were marketed by … Continue reading Clay Dakota

Cricket West

Created by Fred Zackel Former federal agent and current Las Vegas private eye Cricket West, a "broken nose blonde on the dark side of thirty," is reeling with "euphoria" after getting her second shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, in 2021's Drunk in Blood. "Lockdown was a bitch," is the way she puts it. But that feeling … Continue reading Cricket West

Trevor Oaks

Created by Percy Spurlark Parker Las Vegas P.I. TREVOR OAKS only appeared once, in Percy Spurlark Parker's 2009 novel, The Good-Looking Dead Guy. Trevor's a big guy, weighing in at somewhere around "two hundred and sixty pounds of black muscle," which means the former University of Nevada Las Vegas football player can handle the occasional bodyguard … Continue reading Trevor Oaks

Dan Reno

Created by Dave Stanton "As we came off the mountain and glided onto the desert floor outside of Carson City, a jackrabbit darted in front of the car so quickly that Edward didn’t have time to react. We ran straight over it... I wondered if it was an omen." Hard-luck DAN RENO (pronounced "Renault"), who … Continue reading Dan Reno

Nick & Sue Burney

Created by Edward Churchill Pseudonym o Edward C. Off (1902-1960) The Rock City correspondent for the Las Verdes Sentinel, tall thin NICK BURNEY has an"unruly mop of black hair," a beat-up but reliable Ford pick-up, and a habit of drinking and driving. He also has a wife, SUE BURNEY, an outdoorsy type who's "slim and boyish" with … Continue reading Nick & Sue Burney

Henry Goiler

Created by Tom Fassbender and Jim Pascoe For those of you who can't get enough of retro eye Benjamin Drake, check out "Faze Out," a nitty, gritty short story by Fassbender and Pascoe featuring Drake's nemesis and inter-office rival at the Always Reddy Detective Agency in Testacy City, fellow op HENRY GOILER. In this tale, the … Continue reading Henry Goiler

Benjamin Drake

Created by Dashiell Loveless Pseudonym of Jim Pascoe and Tom Fassbender "One false step and it's curtains for the floozy!" -- this ain't no foolin' around (By the Balls) He's a P.I. with "a passion for small cigars and Old Grand-Dad, and a weakness for women in trouble", the hot shot op for the Always … Continue reading Benjamin Drake

Mortimer Angel

Created by Rob Leininger "In my personal opinion, and in the court of public opinion, IRS agents rank somewhere below that of politicians or prostitutes." -- Mort mulls over his previous occupation in Gumshoe Reno, Nevada's MORTIMER "MORT" ANGEL turned his back on sixteen years of soul-sucking drudgery as an IRS "field thug" for sixteen … Continue reading Mortimer Angel

Owen McKenna

Created by Todd Borg A former San Francisco homicide dick, OWEN McKENNA quit the police department after a personal tragedy and moved into a tiny log cabin up in the mountains, overlooking Lake Tahoe. He's hung out a shingle as a private detective and works out of a rented office space on Kingsbury Grade on the … Continue reading Owen McKenna