Billie Levine

Created by Kimberly G. Giarratano Nothin' else matters in this whole wide world, when you're in love with a Jersey girl... Okay, okay, I’m not pledging my troth or anything like that to Billie Levine, the 24-year-old walking mess of a rookie P.I. that’s the star of YA author Kimberly Giarratano's impressive adult debut, Death of a … Continue reading Billie Levine

Tamara Hayle

Created by Valerie Wilson Wesley Another black private eye, but unlike contempories like Easy Rawlins or Aaron Gunner, TAMARA HAYLE "owes more to Waiting to Exhale than to the rage of Richard Wright. They're funny and slight and smart," according to The New York Times. Tamara's an ex-cop turned Newark, New Jersey private eye, a … Continue reading Tamara Hayle

Joe Posner

Created by Jeremy Pikser New Jersey private detective JOE POSNER made his debut in the 1984 novel Junk on the Hill, first released in the United Kingdom by Pluto Crime. It was published in America the next by Carroll & Graf, and subsequently published in Germany and Australia. While competent and dedicated, Posner is not … Continue reading Joe Posner


Created by Adam Sternbergh "It's hokey but it's true. You learn things hauling trash." -- Shovel Ready In his relatively well-received debut, Shovel Ready (2014), Adam Sternbergh, culture editor for the New York Times Magazine and former editor-at-large at New York Magazine, paints a suitably bleak but well-rendered picture of a post-apocalyptic Big Apple that's … Continue reading Spademan

“Beauty” Black

Created by Edward Ronns Pseudonym of Edward S. Aarons Other psedonyms include Paul Ayres (1916-1975) He may have been better known for his countless he-man Sam Durrell spy novels published by Fawcett Gold Medal under his real name, but Edward S. Aarons got his start pumping out fast-paced action short stories under various pen names … Continue reading “Beauty” Black

Charlie Byrne

Created by Kieran Shea “Whoa now! Somebody pinch me! Charlie Byrne? Is there a full moon out tonight or what? How’s the whitest motherfucker this brother know?” --Deech greets Charlie in "Happenstance Therapy" CHARLIE BYRNE is a struggling Atlantic City-based private eye who appeared in a dozen or so hard, tough stories by Kieran Shea, … Continue reading Charlie Byrne

Ezell “Easy” Barnes

Created by Richard HilaryPseudonym of Richard Bodino & Hilary Connors "...lyng to your detective is one of the privileges you get billed for."-- Easy explains how it works to a client in Pieces of Cream. In the long, mostly dry winter of discontent for Black eyes between Ernest Tidyman's ground-breaking Shaft, and Walter Mosley's game-changing … Continue reading Ezell “Easy” Barnes

Arnie Sutter (Big Shamus, Little Shamus)

Created by Tracy Hotchner Developed by Christopher Knopf Single dad ARNIE SUTTER lives with his cute-as-the-dickens thirteen-year-old, Max, and works as the long-time house dick at the once-glamorous Hotel Ansonia in Atlantic City. And then legalized gambling comes to town, in the ill-fated Big Shamus, Little Shamus, a 1979 American TV show that stank so … Continue reading Arnie Sutter (Big Shamus, Little Shamus)

Corey Douglas, Laurie Carpenter, Marcus Clark & Simon Garfunkel (The K Team)

Created by David Rosenfelt Talk about going to the dogs... Writer David Rosenfelt's pooch-loving lawyer-sleuth Andy Carpenter has seen his own bestselling series pretty much taken over by Tara, his beloved Golden Retriever, and a revolving cast of assorted affable canines. And now he's gone and spun-off a whole new series, which has recently retired Paterson, New Jersey … Continue reading Corey Douglas, Laurie Carpenter, Marcus Clark & Simon Garfunkel (The K Team)

Mike Angel

Created by David H. Fears "My dick was hot now, expectant. She was Kimbra, in the flesh." -- from Dark Glory   Hoo-boy. New York gumshoee MIKE ANGEL is the hero of a string of enthusiastically self-published "historical erotic" mysteries, that promises plenty of old-fashioned good stuff. When we first meet him in Dark Quarry … Continue reading Mike Angel