Jim Hardman & Hump Evans

Created by Ralph Dennis (1931--88) "...the most beloved obscure private eye writer who ever lived..." -- Ed Gorman JIM HARDMAN's not such a hard man, after all. At least not physically. He's actually a little overweight and out of shape, smoking too many Pall Malls and definitely drinking a little too much. Still, he's tough … Continue reading Jim Hardman & Hump Evans

Ennis Skinner

Created by Kirk Curnett Who says the North has all the fun? Fans of The Drive-By Trucker's Dirty South album ought to get a kick out of ENNIS SKINNER, a fallen Alabama football star recently sprung from prison after a ten-year stretch. All Ennis wants to do is do right, and take care of his … Continue reading Ennis Skinner

Whistlin’ Dixie

Southern Eyes NORTH CAROLINA Casey Jones by Katy Munger (Raleigh, North Carolina) Cam Richter by P.T. Deutermann (North Carolina) SWEET HOME ALABAMA, PLAY THAT DEAD BAND'S SONG Ennis Skinner by Kirk Curnutt GEORGIA ON MY MIND Ace Chaney by Christian Garrison (Atlanta) Sunny Childs by Ruth Birmingham (Atlanta) Callahan Garrity by Kathy Hogan Trochek (Atlanta) … Continue reading Whistlin’ Dixie

Sarah Booth Delaney

Created by Carolyn Haines Private eye SARAH BOOTH DELANEY plies her trade in Zinnia, Mississippi in a crazy popular series of southern cozies that offers a little something for everyone: adorable pets, old mansions, woo-woo, madcap adventures, recipes and plenty of zany friends and family, including (but not limited to)┬áher red tick hound Sweetie Pie, … Continue reading Sarah Booth Delaney