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Thrilling Detective Trivia "I make lists," she said, stating the obvious. "I always did." -- Last Night in Montreal Sam Spade's hat size? Marlowe's socks? A list of Left-Handed Lithuanian Lesbian Eyes? You might find out here...  THE HALL OF FAME THE P.I. POLL AUTHORS & CREATORS THEY ALSO SERVED MY SCRAPBOOK A Cornucopia of … Continue reading My Back Pages (Index)

The Beers of Spenser

The Beerhunter? For a while there, it really seemed like Robert B. Parker's Spenser had a quest. No, not some knightly search for some old cup that's been kicking around for a couple of millennium, or something so shop-worn as a lady fair or even honesty, beauty or true love. Nope, Spenser's quest was for... … Continue reading The Beers of Spenser

David Thompson’s Suspects

Characters from Crime and Noir Films  in David Thomson's Suspects "Film noir...meant the most to me..." -- David Thomson, in a new introduction In his 1985 audacious, brain-warping, acid trip of a novel, Suspects, which The Village Voice tagged as a "a dazzling work of narrative invention," eminent film critic and well-known movie geek David … Continue reading David Thompson’s Suspects