Rex Carver

Created by Victor Canning (1911-86) "What did I learn? ... that there's an office waiting, clients being clever with you, and two roads running away north and south, and that you've got to be honest and take your own road because somewhere at the end of it—with luck—there might be the thing you really want. … Continue reading Rex Carver

James Helder

Created by Victor Canning(1911-86) Although long known for his spy novels, Victor Canning has managed to crank out a few memorable private eyes, such as Rex Carver and Edward Mercer. JAMES HELDER is another, although "memorable" may not be quite the word he—or Canning himself--uses to describe himself. He’s a pivotal character in both novels … Continue reading James Helder

Edward Mercer (Venetian Bird)

Created by Victor Canning (1911-86) Private eye EDWARD MERCER, like most of prolific British thriller writer Victor Canning's other P.I. creations (such as James Helder and Rex Carver) leans more toward the international thriller than the mean streets, but that doesn't mean they're not worth checking out. In Bird of Prey (1950; aka “The Venetian Bird"), … Continue reading Edward Mercer (Venetian Bird)