Ray Chambers

Created by Michael Crichton
(1942-2008 )

Michael Crichton is best known for creating the blockbuster book and film franchise Jurassic Park and the equally blockbusting TV show ER. Interesting, then, to find him dabbling as a PI short-story writer — and doing reasonably well at it, too. RAY CHAMBERS is an aging, second-rate independent insurance claims investigator in present-day LA who has all the classic PI hang-ups; he’s a cynical borderline-alcoholic who’s lonely, bitter and nearly broke. He even lives in Los Angeles. He also has some serious mother issues.

Ray’s lone recorded appearance is in 2002’s “Blood Doesn’t Come Out”, and though it’s not really a detective yarn, more a vignette of a P.I.’s really bad day, it’s a fairly decent approximation of a classic pulp/noir short story. Anytime you wanna come back and revisit the genre, Mike, you’re more than welcome.


  • “Blood Doesn’t Come Out” (Winter 2002-2003, McSweeney’s Quarterly, Issue #10)


Respectfully submitted by Rudyard Kennedy.


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