Paul Marston and Angel Cantini

Created by Robert Eversz

High-flying Los Angeles private investigators PAUL MARSTON (he’s the hard-boiled one) and his lover/partner ANGEL CANTINI, a former Southern California women’s boxing champ, specialize in corporate crime, in two fast-paced novels from the late eighties.

The characters are a little thin, but the stories move so quickly and are so full of swanky restaurants, hot tubs, lesbian hook-up joints, exotic locations high-stakes naughtiness and lots of poking around the globe, that you hardly notice.

The author, Robert Eversz, is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz and a UCLA film school dropout.He’s lived in Prague, he’s been on the Executive Council of the International Association of Crime Writers and he’s served as a director of the Prague Summer Writers’ Workshop, and has recently returned stateside. He also wrote the Nina Zero series, about one crazy ass punkette who gradually morphs into one kickass P.I. in five novels.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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