Pitor Wyrd

Created by by Curt Pires and Antonio Fuso

A new, mini-series from Dark Horse written by Curt Pires and Antonio Fuso. Investigator-for-hire PITOR WYRD  is the one the U.S. government calls in when things get too weird and too peculiar.

Not that anyone has accused the bitter, cynical Wyrd of being exactly normal — he’s apparently immortal and invincible, a nice combination when you’re sticking your nose into things that go bump in the night, but not so nice if it you’ve already got some major mental health issues. Like suicidal impulses…

Think of him as a one-man X-Files. Only more suicidal.

Curt Pires’s previous comics work includes The Tomorrows, The Forevers, and Pop, while artist Antonio Fuso was worked on Survival Fetish, G. I. Joe: Cobra, and James Bond.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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