Doc Adams

Created by Rick Boyer

A hard-boiled dentist? I shit thee not…

CHARLIE “DOC” ADAMS is a Concord, Massachusetts-based oral surgeon who keeps getting drawn into investigations. Most are pretty hard-boiled (in the first, Billingsgate Shoals, he defeats a pursuing black hat by dropping a broken chunk of cast iron pipe down an enclosed exterior ladder, neatly slicing the guy’s face off.)


Probably the best of the series is The Daisy Ducks (1986) although the first, Billingsgate Shoal, won a Best Novel Edgar.

Doc’s favourite fishing buddy is apparently William Tapply’s Brady Coyne, who seems to mentionDoc in every book in the series.


  • “Rick Boyer is from Boston and he knows the town. He also knows how to write and the combination is terrific.”
    — Robert B. Parker


Respectfully submitted by Paul Bergin.

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