Mystery Man

Created by Colin Bateman You want to hire a really good private eye? Sorry, the detective agency you're looking for has closed its doors for good. But maybe the unnamed owner of the No Alibis mystery bookstore next door, known only by his nickname of "MYSTERY MAN" can help you. Oh, no... not really. No, … Continue reading Mystery Man

Dan Starkey

Created by Colin Bateman DAN STARKEY is a Belfast born-and-bred reporter (as is his creator, Colin Bateman). He's a cynic and an alcoholic, and so far, the hero (or more precisely, the anti-hero) of four novels and one film, loosely based on the first novel. That first book, Divorcing Jack (1995), is set in Northern … Continue reading Dan Starkey

Karl Kane

Created by Sam Millar Hey, man, smell my finger. There's never quite been a P.I. like Belfast's KARL KANE. I mean, most P.I.s, the author really tries to get you to like them. But you get the feeling Sam Millar doesn't give a flying fuck in the well-received ¬†Bloodstorm (2008) which introduces Kane -- you … Continue reading Karl Kane

Bernard Holland

Created by Mike Shelley The so-called "last private eye in Belfast," BERNARD HOLLAND, is no saint. A former agent for British Intelligence, Bernard may appear to be a well-respected, middle-aged gentleman, a devoted husband and local entrepreneur, with the offices of his three seperate businesses, Janus Import and Export, Blue Angel Introductions and the Rapid … Continue reading Bernard Holland

Irish Eyes, Smiling or Otherwise

P.I.'s of the Emerald Isle "There are no private eyes in Ireland. The Irish wouldn't wear it. The concept brushes perilously close to the hated 'informer.' You can get get away weith almost anything except 'telling.'" -- Jack Taylor on the paucity of P.I.s in Ireland, in The Guards (2001) by Ken Bruen John Blaine … Continue reading Irish Eyes, Smiling or Otherwise