Ohio Players: How Many More?

Private Eyes of the Buckeye State Cincinnati (Whatever Became of Me?) Patricia Delaney by Sharon Gwyn Short Eli Paxton by Mike Resnick Harry Stoner by Jonathan Valin Cleveland Rocks! Jinx Alameda by Brian Michael Bendis Jim Bennett by Robert Martin Gil Disbro by James E. Martin Milan Jacovich by Les Roberts Nick Kepler by James … Continue reading Ohio Players: How Many More?

Eli Paxton

Created by Mike Resnick (1942-2020) "Marlowe's my dog. I don't like him much, and he's not real fond of me..." -- Eli in The Trojan Colt Noted sci-fi writer (and closet mystery fan) Resnick cried havoc and let slip a shaggy dog of a tale in 2001's Dog in the Manger. Down-but-not-quite-out fiftyish private eye … Continue reading Eli Paxton

Harry Stoner

Created by Jonathan Valin "As the morning wore on, I felt more and more as if I was doing the right thing. It gave me a short-lived feeling of decency." -- Harry sums up his worldview (Missing) In his mid-forties, too educted for his own good and no stranger to brooding and self-doubt, Cincinnati's HARRY … Continue reading Harry Stoner

David Stuart

Created by James K. MacDougall A former lawyer turned soft-spoken, literate Cincinnati gumshoe who drew occasional comparisons to Ross Macdonald, James K. MacDougall's DAVID STUART loves music and has a subscription to The New Yorker, but is prone to some over-boiled soliloquies in two novels from the seventies centered around families in turmoil. The setting was a … Continue reading David Stuart