Paul Beck (Alfred Juggins) & Dora Myrl

Created by M. McDonnell Bodkin, K.C. (1850-1933) "The devilish ingenuity of Mr. Bodkins' criminals is such as to make the nervous tremble for a world without Paul Beck." -- The Yorkshire Daily Observer PAUL BECK and DORA MYRL would have been interesting enough on their own: two prime examples of early fictional detectives, each successful … Continue reading Paul Beck (Alfred Juggins) & Dora Myrl

Pat & Jean Abbott

Created by Frances Crane (1896-1981) Definitely on the cozier side of the P.I. genre, but enjoyable enough in their own way, and at the time one quite popular. When JEAN HOLLY married PAT ABBOTT, one of the more interesting married teams of detectives was born. He's the slightly older, slick and dapper San Francisco gumshoe. … Continue reading Pat & Jean Abbott

Tommy & Tuppence Beresford

Created by Agatha Christie (1890-1976) "Two young adventurers for hire Willing to do anything, go anywhere. Pay must be good." -- the ad that was never placed Yep, that Agatha Christie. Okay, it's not exactly the mean streets, but arguably the first-ever husband-and-wife sleuthing duo was created by the Queen of Crime herself, a decade … Continue reading Tommy & Tuppence Beresford

Mary Russell

Created by Laurie R. King I've always been a bit leery of delving too far into Sherlockania on this site, what with its endless mutilations, permutations and pastiches; since that's a rabbit hole from which there's little chance of escape. But Laurie R. King's outstanding series featuring MARY RUSSELL is just too well-written, important and … Continue reading Mary Russell

John Quincannon & Sabina Carpenter

John Quincannon Created by Bill Pronzini  Pseudonyms include Jack Foxx, Alex Saxon, Brett Halliday, William Jeffrey, Romer Zane Grey, and Robert Hart Davis (1943 --) Sabina Carpenter Created by Marcia Muller From Bill Pronzini, creator of The Nameless Detective, comes Old West former Secret Service agent JOHN QUINCANNON and his partner, former Pinkerton operative SABINA … Continue reading John Quincannon & Sabina Carpenter

Bertha Cool and Donald Lam

Created by A.A. Fair Pseudonym of Erle Stanley Gardner One of the all-time great mismatched team-ups in detective fiction and -- at the time -- a real blast of fresh air. Grade A Extra Large widow and penny pincher BERTHA COOL, the sixtyish head of the B. Cool Confidential Investigations, based in Los Angeles, isn't overly … Continue reading Bertha Cool and Donald Lam

Rick Levine & Laura Fitzhugh

Created by Colleen Collins Things to do in Denver when you're a Deadhead... Slacker former defense attorney and current Colorado eye RICK LEVINE's plans to get clean, stop inhaling and grow up seemed like a good idea at the time. But after five years of living the straight and narrow, his attempts to get himself … Continue reading Rick Levine & Laura Fitzhugh

Johnny and Suzy Marshall

Created by James M. Fox (Pseudonym of Johannes Matthijs Willem Knipscheer) (1908-89) A pair of Californian Nick and Nora wanna-bes, JOHNNY and SUZY MARSHALL appeared in a slew of books by James M. Fox in the forties and fifties. They even had an Asta-like canine partner to help/hinder them with their cases -- a sometimes-ferocious, sometimes-playful … Continue reading Johnny and Suzy Marshall