Uncle Tubby (Washington Blythe)

Created by Ray Cummings Pseudonyms include Ray King & Gabriel Wilson (1887-1957) He may have been best known for his "groundbreaking" science fiction work, but prolific Ray Cummings was a regular in the crime and detective pulps as well, popping up with a staggering frequency, it seemed. He was a mainstay in Popular Publications in … Continue reading Uncle Tubby (Washington Blythe)


By Mark Troy Featuring Val Lyon January 2009 Doyle Gillespie bellowed in a voice as loud as his shirt, a yellow and red hangover of martini glasses and hula girls. "Sperm-jacking," he said. "Somebody's getting to my bulls. Taking the goblins right outta the pipe, you might say." Gillespie smiled at his own wit. I took … Continue reading “Horns”


By Stephen D. Rogers Spring 2005 From the very beginning, I wanted to know why the hell my client was paying me to conduct a deep background check on a guy who wanted to be a janitor. It wasn't the money - I knew she was good for it. As the Director of Human Resources for … Continue reading “Validation”

“The Safest Place on Earth”

By Mark Best Featuring Dan Brogan Spring 2005 Chastity Reiling's picture stared down at me as I sat on the sofa. She looked to be about ten in the picture, four years younger than she was now. I had seen more recent pictures of her, and she was fast becoming a beautiful young woman. But … Continue reading “The Safest Place on Earth”

“Still Water”

By Graham Powell Summer 2001 "Mr. Ross," she said, "I need your help." Her name was Helen Rhinehart. She sat on the very edge of her seat like a bird on a perch. Her navy blue dress matched her shoes and the handbag she kept clutched in her lap. No jewelry; just a plain gold … Continue reading “Still Water”

“Bourne Again”

By Stephen D. Rogers Winter/Spring 2002 I watched the cars speeding around the rotary, paid special attention to ones that veered off to head over the canal. Despite the "Cape Cod Tunnel" stickers that locals bought to infuriate the tourists, there were only two ways off the Cape. Since I couldn't see him going out … Continue reading “Bourne Again”

“Like a Matter of Honour”

By Russel D. McLean Featuring Sam Bryson May 1999 . “Aw, c’moan, man,” said Jimmy. He pushed the package across the desk, back towards me. “Just for a wee while.” I looked at the package – a nondescript square box wrapped with brown paper – and then I looked at Jimmy. On anyone else, the … Continue reading “Like a Matter of Honour”

Jackie Fuentes (Killer Groove)

Created by Ollie Masters and Eoin Marron It's the early Seventies, and the Swingin' Sixties are definitely over, but that doesn't mean musicians aren't still pouring into Los Angeles, desperate to stoke the star-making machinery of the popular song, in the 2019 five-part comic mini-series Killer Groove. Struggling singer-songwriter Jonny is one of them. He's a … Continue reading Jackie Fuentes (Killer Groove)

Gillian Baltic

Created by Dale Clark Pseudonym of Ronal Kayser Other pseudonyms include Clark Clayton, Dale Clarke (1905-88) Here I was, getting all jazzed because I thought I'd discovered a whole new hard-boiled female P.I. from the 1940s when I stumbled across this mini-review of Dale Clark's 1946 novel The Red Rods by Anthony Boucher from the December 8, … Continue reading Gillian Baltic

Simeon Grist

Created by Timothy Hallinan (1942 --) According to the blurb, SIMEON GRIST, hip young Los Angeles private eye, "knows the City of Angels inside and out -- the sex for sale, the chic seductions, the clientele of every bar from downtown L.A. to Venice." Well, not quite. Thirtyish man-about-town Simeon does seem to get around, … Continue reading Simeon Grist