Murder, My Suite

House Dicks While you’re checking in, they’ll be checking you out... Tony Reseck by Raymond Chandler (The Windermere Hotel, Los Angeles) Marty Bond by Ed Lacy (The Grover, New York City) Gil Vine by Stewart Sterling (Plaza Royale, New York City) Johnny Killain by Dan J. Marlowe (The Duarte Hotel, New York City) Joe Grundy … Continue reading Murder, My Suite

Gil Vine

Created by Stewart Sterling Pseudonym of Prentice Winchell (1895-1976) GIL VINE's a real smoothie, a real charmer, a sophisticate with an eye for the finer things in life, but he's not afraid to put the boot in if he has to. He's the fast-moving hotel security chief at New York's swanky Plaza Royale on Fifth … Continue reading Gil Vine

Am Caulfield

Created by Alan Russell Known for more hard-boiled fare, Alan Russell tried a switcheroo with a couple of more light-hearted mysteries featuring mild-mannered hotel dick AM CAULFIELD. When we first meet Am, in 1994’s The Hotel Detective, “Assistant Director” of La Jolla’s swanky Hotel California Am has been informed by his boss, Raymond Krendrick, that his job … Continue reading Am Caulfield

Stephen Inch (The Inch Man)

Created by Lester Powell (1912 -93) STEPHEN INCH was a house detective working in at London's very busy Imperial Crescent Hotel in The Inch Man, a 1951-52 BBC drama series that apparently broadcast live. This was early days--the Americans had only aired the first private eye shows a few years earlier, and everyone was scrambling … Continue reading Stephen Inch (The Inch Man)

Joe Grundy

Created by Marc Strange So there I am, feeling homesick. And then Marc Strange's Sucker Punch (2007) arrived at my door. As the editor of this site, and a sometime-reviewer, my mailbox is often full of treasures, and nothing delights this Canadien errant more than a package from home, and this one was from Toronto's … Continue reading Joe Grundy

“Give the Woman Credit”

By John Swan Featuring John Swan Fall 2001 "Jezus H. How can she do that?" "Practice," Meg says matter-of-factly, watching the video monitor parked in a cracked bookshelf across from my desk. I'm warming the squeaky-wheeled chair behind the desk, my head cranked sidewise for the action on screen. "Yeah but still..." Meg's barely listening. She's … Continue reading “Give the Woman Credit”

John Swan

Created by John Swan Pseudonym of Kerry J. Schooley Other pseudonyms include Slim Volumes (1949-2010) "The next day's news said (a former client) had survived a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Yeah, well, he would. Maybe if I'd hung in there long enough I could have prevented it. But I didn't give a shit." -Swan gets all … Continue reading John Swan

Tony Reseck

Created by Raymond Chandler “At one o’clock in the morning, Carl, the night porter, turned down the last of three table lamps in the main lobby of the Windermere Hotel. The blue carpet darkened a shade or two and the walls drew back into remoteness. The chairs filled with shadowy loungers. In the corners were … Continue reading Tony Reseck