Murder, My Suite

House Dicks

While you’re checking in, they’ll be checking you out…

  • Tony Reseck by Raymond Chandler (The Windermere Hotel, Los Angeles)
  • Marty Bond by Ed Lacy (The Grover, New York City)
  • Gil Vine by Stewart Sterling (Plaza Royale, New York City)
  • Johnny Killain by Dan J. Marlowe (The Duarte Hotel, New York City)
  • Joe Grundy by Marc Strange (The Lord Douglas, Vancouver)
  • Am Caulfield by Alan Russell (Hotel California, La Jolla)


  • I Was a House Detective (1954, by Dav Collane & Stewart Sterling) | Buy this book
    An intriguing non-fiction book, offering the scoop on “Lawbreakers and c-girls, walk-in men and walk-up ladies–a startling expose of big city hotels.”
  • “The Bygone Era Of The Hotel Detective”
    Luke J. Spencer takes us back. (February 11, 2022, MessyNessy)

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.


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