Mystery Links: Collecting, Games & Other Diversions

Web Games, Mystery Parties, Stamps, Books, etc. GAMES ON THE WEB Detective riddles app With its mysterious atmosphere of criminal secrets, this android based game app is for those who want to dive into an exciting detective world! This game offers 120 unique riddles and 6 locations. More than 9 hours of gameplay. Mystery Game … Continue reading Mystery Links: Collecting, Games & Other Diversions

On the Con

Scam Artists: A Suggested Reading List Perhaps it's my own particular aversion to the "amateur" sleuth thing, but my appreciation for private eyes and other "professionals" may just have to do with competence. I mean, in the right mood, I can take unlikely amateurs rising to the occasion and grabbing the gold, saving the girl … Continue reading On the Con

Viva Las Vegas!

Sin City Sleuths "Honest to God, this whole place could benefit from a good, long liquid nitrogen bath." -- P.I. Brenna Spector on Las Vegas King Bennett by Dean Davis Dicky Barrett (Vegas Dick) by Rich Wilkes Zoe Busiek (Wild Card) by Lynn Latham & Bernard Lechowick Big Ed Deline & Danny McCoy (Las Vegas) … Continue reading Viva Las Vegas!

“Oh mama I got dem cosmic anthropomorphic P.I. blues again…”

Going to the dogs, the cats and worse Yeah, Chandler said "Down these mean streets a man must go." He never mentioned cats. Or hippos. Or horses. Or giraffes...The creators of the following eyes apparently didn't get the memo. But to tell the truth, the craze for anthropomorphic detectives is starting to smell a little … Continue reading “Oh mama I got dem cosmic anthropomorphic P.I. blues again…”

Published in Black Mask

Some Significant Contributors & Other Writers of Interest The most influential and best known of the detective pulps, what's surprising about the following list of contributors to the legendary Black Mask is not only who's on it (Louis L'Amour? Max Brand?), but who isn't, or how few times writers we instantly associate with the venerable mag actually … Continue reading Published in Black Mask

The Hardboiled Era (1929-58)

A Checklist from Hardboiled America [This is the appendix to Hardboiled America, by Geoffrey O'Brien (New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1981). It's a very good book on the topic, although much information on writers is now available that wasn't when it was written.] The following list is designed to show the hardboiled novel not as … Continue reading The Hardboiled Era (1929-58)

The Rara-Avis Blown Away List of Hard-Boiled Writers

As compiled by Mark Blumenthal In December 1999, as the millennium drew to a close, Mark Blumenthal posed this question to the members of Rara-Avis, at the time the world's premier hard-boiled crime fiction discussion list: "What established hard boiled authors have ever you read whose work so blew you away on first exposure that you … Continue reading The Rara-Avis Blown Away List of Hard-Boiled Writers

The Rara-Avis Top 100 Hard-Boiled Characters of the Twentieth Century (2002)

As Chosen by the Members of Rara-Avis Compliled by Joe Dante and Mark Blumenthal In March and April of 2002, the members of Rara-Avis, the web's premier disscussion group for all things hard-boiled, decided to poll its members on the The Top 100 Hard-Boiled Characters of the Twentieth Century. Readers were invited to submit their … Continue reading The Rara-Avis Top 100 Hard-Boiled Characters of the Twentieth Century (2002)

My Back Pages (Index)

Thrilling Detective Trivia Sam Spade's hat size? Marlowe's socks? A list of Left-Handed Lithuanian Lesbian Eyes? You might find out here...  THE HALL OF FAME THE P.I. POLL AUTHORS & CREATORS THEY ALSO SERVED MY SCRAPBOOK A Cornucopia of Tear Sheets, Illustrations, Photos, Scribbles & Other Crap That I Think is Way Cool MY BOOKSHELF … Continue reading My Back Pages (Index)

Eye’s the Bye

P.I.s Who Live Afloat... The mean streets may get mean, but who cares, just as long as you can sail away? The most famous boatnik eye may be Travis McGee, but he's not the only one... it seems to be a recurring male fantasy. Oscar Sail by Lester Dent This pulp eye lived on a … Continue reading Eye’s the Bye