Down in Mexico

Mexican Eyes Tom Blane by Louis Trimble (Mexico City) El Borbah by Charles Burns Al Colby by David Dodge (Mexico City) Nick Grande by Bob Chinn (a "wide open city") Mike Land by Fred Dryer & Victor A. Schiro and Peter Gethers & David Handler (Cabo San Lucas) Mariano Mercado by D.L. Champion (Mexico City) … Continue reading Down in Mexico

… and Throw Away the Key!

Locked Room & Impossible Crime P.I. Mysteries   S. S. Van Dine's Philo Vance, possibly the only detective more annoying than Hercule Poirot, may indeed need a kick in the pants, but there are actually plenty of locked-room capers and other impossible crimes that good ol’ regular- joe private eyes have cracked over the years. Here … Continue reading … and Throw Away the Key!

Murder, My Suite

House Dicks While you’re checking in, they’ll be checking you out... Tony Reseck by Raymond Chandler (The Windermere Hotel, Los Angeles) Marty Bond by Ed Lacy (The Grover, New York City) Gil Vine by Stewart Sterling (Plaza Royale, New York City) Johnny Killain by Dan J. Marlowe (The Duarte Hotel, New York City) Joe Grundy … Continue reading Murder, My Suite

San Diego Eyes

America’s Finest City’s Finest Eyes Max Thursday by Wade Miller Walter James by Wade Miller Rick Cahill by Matt Coyle Madison Kelly by Elizabeth Breck Harry O by Howard Rodman Pedro Gomez & Dennis "Hardball" Bakelenekoff  by Bill L. Norton (Grand Slam) Joe Moran by Dale Clark Dr. Elizabeth Chase by Martha C. Lawrence Rick and … Continue reading San Diego Eyes

Under Electric Candlelight

Transgender Eyes Okay, I know they’re out there. Merry Bell by Anthony Bidulka was the first trans eye I encountered, but she certainly wasn't the first—just the first I’d come across. And she certainly won’t be the last. But who was the first?  So far, it looks like P.R. Ellis’ Jasmine Frame might be the first. … Continue reading Under Electric Candlelight

The Maple Leaf Rag

Other Canadian Eyes "You thought the national flag was about a leaf, didn't you? Look harder. It's where someone got axed in the snow." -- Margaret Atwood THE PRAIRIES Becker by Martin Kitsch (Alberta) Merry Bell by Anthony Bidulka (Livingsky, Saskatchewan) Mike Cobb & Adam Cullen by David A. Poulsen (Calgary, Alberta) Eddie Dancer by … Continue reading The Maple Leaf Rag

Turn It Up to Eleven!

Gonzo Eyes "I wouldn't recommend drugs, alcohol and firearms as a way of life for anyone, but they've always worked for me.” — Dr. Hunter S. Thompson When the pedal hits the metal, when the yeggs hit the pan, when neo-noir’s soft-muted jazzbo soundtracks warbling behind shadow-shrouded mean streets just don't get your motor running, and … Continue reading Turn It Up to Eleven!

Ohio Players: How Many More?

Private Eyes of the Buckeye State Cincinnati (Whatever Became of Me?) Patricia Delaney by Sharon Gwyn Short Eli Paxton by Mike Resnick Harry Stoner by Jonathan Valin Cleveland Rocks! Jinx Alameda by Brian Michael Bendis Jim Bennett by Robert Martin Gil Disbro by James E. Martin Milan Jacovich by Les Roberts Nick Kepler by James … Continue reading Ohio Players: How Many More?

Gentlemen, Name Your Poison (I)

Drinkers, Stinkers and Occasional Tipplers "Alcohol is like love: the first kiss is magic, the second is intimate,the third is routine. After that, you just take the girl's clothes off." -- Terry Lennox in The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler It started out on the printed page, but it's mostly through all those damn movies … Continue reading Gentlemen, Name Your Poison (I)

Ah, Boston, You’re My Home

Beantown Eyes Spenser by Robert B. Parker Thomas Dreddiker 'Dred' Balcazar by Ned White Thomas Banacek by Anthony Wilson Tom Bethany by Jerome Doolittle Harvey Blissberg by Richard Rosen (Cambridge) Carlotta Carlyle by Linda Barnes Dennis Chase (21 Beacon Street) by Leonard Heideman Brady Coyne by William G. Tapply Tommy Crane by Richard Helms John Francis … Continue reading Ah, Boston, You’re My Home