Murder in the Library (Index)

What's on your bookshelf? COLLECTIONS & ANTHOLOGIES The Best Anthologies of Original P.I. Stories The Best Anthologies of Hard-Boiled, Noir & Pulp Reprints Other Mystery Anthologies Worth Hunting For The Mystery Writers of America Anthologies The Akashic Noir Series The Best American Mystery Stories/The Best American Mystery & Suspense The Mysterious Bookshop Presents The Best … Continue reading Murder in the Library (Index)

My Bookshelf (Index)

A Salute to Some of the Books I Loved (or Lusted After) The Pulps: Fifty Years of American Pop Culture Edited by Toby Goodstone The Great American Detective Edited by William Kittridedge & Steven M. Krauzer One Night with Nora Blonde Ale Well, the empties are on my shelf... The Graphic Canon of Crime & Mystery Volumes … Continue reading My Bookshelf (Index)

My Scrapbook (Index)

A Cornucopia of Tear Sheets, Illustrations, Photos, Scribbles & Other Crap That I Think is Cool The Last Three Dick Hammers The "Florida Man" Ad Campaign Netflix Steps Up… sorta. Leslie Peterson Sapp: “Look Out" Leslie Peterson Sapp: “Exit" Leslie Peterson Sapp: “Circle Mirror" Leslie Peterson Sapp: “Pursuit" The Encyclopedia Brown Comic Strip The Shaft Comic Strip You, Too, Can … Continue reading My Scrapbook (Index)


A never-complete listing of private dicks and janes, and selected other tough guys and gals, listed by character, with all appearances in novels, short stories, film, television, radio and other media that I could find. Inclusion on this list generally means I've heard of the eye, and that if a bio and bibliography is missing, … Continue reading Eyes/Alphabetical