John Collins (Skip Tracer)

Created by Zale R. Dalen "He'll be sure you pay--one way or another!" -- tagline on the VHS edition Hey! Did I just dream this? JOHN COLLINS is the low-key, taciturn debt collector "hero" of Skip Tracer, a bleak, decidedly non-glamourous, low-budget Canadian character study released in 1977. Make no mistake--Collins is no goody two-shoes. … Continue reading John Collins (Skip Tracer)

Jack Andrews

Created by John Dahl and David W. Warfield The sign says "Licensed Investigator, Confidentiality Guaranteed, 1248 Dahl Av., Reno, Nevada." What it doesn't say is that JACK ANDREWS¬†(played by an impossibly boyish-looking Val Kilmer)¬†is not particularly good at the job. He's a business degree major and a former insurance investigator on the skids following the … Continue reading Jack Andrews

Roland Drake

Created by Tom Konkle TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS was a 2017 straight-to-streaming B-flick that hits the vanity project hattrick, written directed and starring Tom Konkle as ROLAND DRAKE, a down-on-his-luck 1940s private eye caught between the two hot-to-trot Montemar sisters. Problem is, one's dead and the other possibly killed her. It's your typically earnest and … Continue reading Roland Drake