Inspector Allhoff

Created by D.L. Champion (1903-68) "... the unpleasantest detective who ever cracked a homicide case" --from a July 1938 Dime Detective blurb  Not quite a P.I., not quite a real cop, Dime Detective favourite INSPECTOR ALLHOFF is under contract, albeit unofficially, to the NYPD. He works out of a cockroach-infested dump, across the street from police … Continue reading Inspector Allhoff

Kat Stone

Created by Erica Wright Poet Erica Wright's first novel.The Red Chameleon (2014), introduced us to twenty-something private investigator KAT STONE, a former undercover superstar for the NYPD. She's young, she's hip and she has a thing about wigs. It was while she was working for New York's finest she mastered the fine art of disguise of … Continue reading Kat Stone