Gloria Demasco

Created by Lucha Corpi (1945--) GLORIA DEMASCO is a petite Chicana, born in Oakland, California. She came from a working class family, and was trained as a speech therapist. She's a young widow (she was married to a Puerto Rican, Nuerriqueño) with a daughter. She's very involved in local politics, both as an activist and a … Continue reading Gloria Demasco

Ivy Gamble

Created by Sarah Gailey "I never wanted to be magic. That was Tabitha's thing, not mine." Ever wanted a story about a young Muggle P.I. set loose in Harry Potter Land? Me neither. But that's more of less what we get in Magic for Liars (2019), a series debut from Sarah Gailey. Twenty-something IVY GAMBLE, unlike … Continue reading Ivy Gamble