Ivy Gamble

Created by Sarah Gailey

“I never wanted to be magic. That was Tabitha’s thing, not mine.”

Ever wanted a story about a young Muggle P.I. set loose in Harry Potter Land?

Me neither.

But that’s more of less what we get in Magic for Liars (2019), a series debut from Sarah Gailey.

Twenty-something IVY GAMBLE, unlike her twin sister Tabitha, was born without magic, but that’s just fine with her. Let her sis teach theoretical magic at the prestigious Osthorne Academy of Young Mage in Oakland, California. Doesn’t bother Ivy at all. Not one single bit.

Yeah, right.

Instead, Ivy scrapes out a living as a private eye, working out of a “shitty” basement level office, chasing down adulterers, insurance claimants and other liars. But wen someone gets murdered in the Osthorne Library (in the Theoretical Magic section), the headmaster shows up, asking her to look into things, and Ivy reluctantly accepts the case, knowing she’ll eventually run into Tabitha, whom she hasn’t spoken to for years.

Fortunately, Ivy’s a little earthier and rougher-edged than might be expected, a tougher cookie than one might expect in this fantasy/detective hybrid. She curses, thinks beer is an ideal breakfast beverage, and has a refreshingly outspoken, semi-hard-boiled abrasive way about her that recalls Jessica Jones more than anyone.

The book certainly has its admirers, although mostly they seem to come from the fantasy side of the street. Still, if you’re into stuff like The Dresden Files, and you don’t mind some witches and wizards and woo-woo mixed in with your gumshoe antics, you may get a kick out of it.

My guess? People will go apeshit for this one, and it’ll be a movie franchise before the third book comes out.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.


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