Scotland the Brave

Scottish Ayes Oz Blackstone by Matthew Reid, pseudonym of Quintin Jardine (Glasgow) Jack Bone by Iain Blair (Glasgow) Bogie (Francis F. Clunie) by Alan Grant and John Wagner (Glasgow) Sam Bryson by Russell McLean (Dundee) Lennox by Craig Russell (Glasgow) Nicky Mahoun by Clark Smith (Glasgow) J. McNee by Russell McLean (Dundee) Daniel Pike by … Continue reading Scotland the Brave

My Bookshelf: Private Eye Action As You Like It… by Joe R. Lansdale & Lewis Shiner

My Bookshelf Private Eye Action As You Like It... by Joe R. Lansdale & Lewis Shiner I'm not even sure how I ended up with this, but I know I'm glad I did. I might have ordered it, dirt cheap, from AbeBooks or maybe, after falling in love with Lansdale's Hap and Leonard. Or … Continue reading My Bookshelf: Private Eye Action As You Like It… by Joe R. Lansdale & Lewis Shiner

Miles Huerdeen

Created by Bentley Little (1960--) Given the uber-popularity of television's The Walking Dead, it would be easy to slag The Walking off as a rip-off, except... horror writer Bentley Little's 2000 zombie novel not only predates the popular TV show and its myriad spin-offs and clones, but it actually also predates the comic book series by … Continue reading Miles Huerdeen

Jake Blake

Created by Charles Willeford (1919-88) "So you're the private detective, Jake Blake-- " His voice was shaking with an anger that was barely under control. "Yes, sir," I said carefully, and I got up from the couch. "You must be Mr. Weintraub..." I stuck my hand out to shake hands, but he ignored it completely … Continue reading Jake Blake

Dudley Sledge

Created by Hunt Collins (Né Salvatore Lombino. Pseudonyms include Ed McBain, Evan Hunter, Richard Marsten, Curt Cannon, Ezra Hannon and John Abbott (1926-2005) She was cleaning fish by the kitchen sink when I climbed through the window, my .45 in my hand. She wore a low-cut apron, shadowed where her full breasts bunched together near the … Continue reading Dudley Sledge

Johnny April

Created by Mike Roscoe Pseudonym of John Roscoe and Michael Ruso A very underrated, nearly forgotten series from the fifties, written by real private detectives! Kansas City private eye JOHNNY APRIL is, according to at least one character, "a nasty, viscious and dirty bastard." Suffice it to say that Johnny's one hard-talkin', fast-shootin', dirty-fightin' guy, always … Continue reading Johnny April

Van Trillo and Sam Suede

Created by Jonathan Geffner "Can a dummy find justice in a human world?" Is the world ready for... Dummy Noir? VAN TRILLO & SAM SUEDE aren't your typical 1940s private eyes. For one thing, Van Trillo is a ventriloquist. For another, his partner Sam Suede, is a real dummy. No, really. An actual dummy. Wood … Continue reading Van Trillo and Sam Suede

Ivan Monk

Created by Gary Phillips "Who's the man with the donut shop and the sense of responsibility? --Monk! --Daaamn right!" -sub-title of interview with Phillips on Troutworks   One of the more politically charged of the post-Easy Rawlins nineties mini-boom of black eyes was battle-weary, middle-class, fortyish IVAN MONK, the star of of four ambitious, highly-acclaimed and … Continue reading Ivan Monk

Nicholas Lake

Created by James M. Reasoner (1953--) James M. Reasoner, of course, has written private eye stuff before. Besides the thirty-six Mike Shayne stories he wrote as "Brett Holliday" for Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, he's highly regarded among fans of the genre for Texas Wind, a much beloved P.I. novel, and the Markham short stories, featuring … Continue reading Nicholas Lake

Texas Winds

The Eyes of James Reasoner are Upon You "James Reasoner puts his stamp on everything he writes. His work can be funny, violent, sad, even whimsical at times, but it doesn't matter because the craft and the art are always informed by the wisdom of the man telling the stories." -- Ed Gorman, from the … Continue reading Texas Winds