Kate Doyle

Created by Rusty Rodriguez KATE DOYLE seems to be a gorgeous (men can't resist her!) globetrotting private investigator, with a solid background in gemology, who gets into all sorts of whiz bang! adventures around the world (Ireland! Tel Aviv! Zimbabwe! Montreal!), often involving national security, criminal masterminds and lord knows what else (Nazi loot! Russian mobsters! Swiss … Continue reading Kate Doyle

Vincent Saldana & Mullet Mendes

Created by Sam Cole Pseudonym of Mike Nicol and Joanne Hichens The Dark Continent just got darker... In Cape Greed (2009), Cape Town cops VINCENT SALDANA and JEFFREY "MULLET" MENDES have had enough. They figure the time is right to go private, now that even "the scum" have human rights now and the streets are getting more … Continue reading Vincent Saldana & Mullet Mendes

Rae Valentine

Created by Mike Nicol & Joanne Hichens RAE VALENTINE first popped up in Out To Score (2006), co-written by Mike Nicol and Joanne Hichens in a small cameo, and showed up again in 2009's Cape Greed (this time credited to "Sam Cole," a joint pen name for Nicol and Hichens),again in a supporting role. But when … Continue reading Rae Valentine