Kate Doyle

Created by Rusty Rodriguez

KATE DOYLE seems to be a gorgeous (men can’t resist her!) globetrotting private investigator, with a solid background in gemology, who gets into all sorts of whiz bang! adventures around the world (Ireland! Tel Aviv! Zimbabwe! Montreal!), often involving national security, criminal masterminds and lord knows what else (Nazi loot! Russian mobsters! Swiss bank accounts! International terrorists! Dear old friends in trouble!), in the self-published Nightmare series by Rusty Rodriguez.

There’s a breathy, wish-fulfillment vibe to all this which — in the right hands — can be a lot of fun, but the erratic formatting, the sloppy, amateur artwork and the hit-or-miss editing ruin the vibe for me.

And a super villain who calls himself EG (for Evil Genius)? Please.

According to her bio, Rusty Rodriguez is a “world traveler and gem expert, has turned her hand to fiction, writing about her own exploits in the persona of Kate Doyle. Not much in the work of scam artists or techno-thieves has escaped her keen eye as an insurance fraud investigator over the years. Besides holding several academic degrees, she holds GIA’s highest qualification as a Graduate Gemologist. Retired in Florida, when not writing or researching, she enjoys walking at the beach, visiting her large family up north, or getting on a plane to explore new places and develop new friendships. The idea of Nightmare in Scotland was born during the fabulous Scottish wedding of her granddaughter Megan in Menzies Castle, Aberfeldy, and she personally confirms that all the facts and settings are quite accurate.”

So there.



  • Blood Diamonds and Five Kate Doyle Short Stories (2005) Buy this book
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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