Clare Kendall

Created by Arthur B. Reeve Pseudonyms include David Carver (1880-1936) Arthur B. Reeve is best known, of course, for creating Craig Kennedy, but the popular "scientific detective" was not Arthur B. Reeve's only series sleuth. He also created a number of other detectives, including CLARE KENDALL, "a tall, striking, self-reliant young woman with an engaging … Continue reading Clare Kendall

Lynn Lash

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) Lester Dent was best known, of course, for Doc Savage, but the first of his gadget-obsessed sleuths was LYNN LASH. Although he (sorry, ladies -- this Lynn's a dude) only appeared in two published stories, Lynn serving as an important stepping stone towards the creation of a certain Man of … Continue reading Lynn Lash

Foster Fade “The Crime Spectacularist”

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) Yet another of Doc Savage creator Lester Dent's "gadget detectives," FOSTER FADE aka "The Crime Spectacularist," appeared in the thirties in All Detective Magazine. Unlike the Man of Bronze or Lynn Lash, Dent's first gadget detective, Foster works for a living. He may call himself the "Crime Spectacularist," but he's basically a private … Continue reading Foster Fade “The Crime Spectacularist”

Click Rush “The Gadget Man”

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) Lester Dent’s final (and weirdest) gadget detective by far was CLICKELL "CLICK" RUSH, aka THE GADGET MAN, which definitely took a more screwball approach than his previous to the sub-genre. But it turned out to also be his most successful, with Click hanging around long enough for eighteen stories to … Continue reading Click Rush “The Gadget Man”

Lee Nace “The Blond Adder”

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) Pipe-smoking New York City private eye LEE COURTNEY NACE, aka "THE BLOND ADDER," was yet another of Lester Dent's gadget-loving detectives, out to save us from meteors, poisonous green skeletons, exploding bodies and all sorts of weird menace shit. But fear not! Like many a Dent hero, Lee is annoyingly brilliant … Continue reading Lee Nace “The Blond Adder”

Doctor Thorndyke

Created by R. Austin Freeman (1863-1943) Although he's not formally a private investigator, DOCTOR JOHN EVELYN THORNDYKE is a freelance consultant often retained by insurance companies and the like to provide expert medical testimony in cases of suspicious deaths and other matters. He doesn't even like being called a detective -- the author referred to … Continue reading Doctor Thorndyke

Craig Kennedy

Created by Arthur B. Reeve Pseudonyms include David Carver (1880-1936) "There is a distinct place for science in the detection of crime... I am going to apply science to the detection of crime, the same sort of methods by which you chase out the presence of a chemical, or run an unknown germ to earth." … Continue reading Craig Kennedy