Wyatt Storme

Created by W.L. Ripley And a-hunting we will go... Bow-hunter and Vietnam vet WYATT STORME is a former Dallas Cowboy wide receiver who walked away from football at his peak, fed up with the politics of the NFL, to become a "freelance troubleshooter." Then again, Wyatt's a bit of a recluse, anyway--he prefers hunting out in … Continue reading Wyatt Storme

Morgan Hunt

Created by Geoffrey Norman (1943--) MORGAN HUNT is an outdoorsy, manly kinda guy, an ex-con and former Green Beret working as a private eye for a crusading lawyer in Florida Panhandle in the northwest part of the state, in an excellent series of books by Geoffrey Norman that ended way too soon. Of course, like … Continue reading Morgan Hunt

Jeff Jackson

Created by Philip R. Craig (1933-2007) Former cop J.W. "JEFF" JACKSON had enough of the mean streets of Boston. Thanks to a little shrapnel in his leg via Vietnam and a bullet lodged in his spine from his days in the Boston P.D., as well as a couple of pensions and a bit of income … Continue reading Jeff Jackson

Andy Roark

Created by Peter Colt Not to get all Springsteeny or anything, but when ANDY ROARK came marching home from Vietnam, it wasn't the greatest of homecomings. And ten years or so burning down that road, he's still trying to find his way in the world. He's back home in Boston, circa 1982, working as a … Continue reading Andy Roark

Matt Murdock

Created by Robert J. Ray (1935--) Happiness is a warm gun for MATT MURDOCK, a pistol-packin' P.I. from Orange County. The blurbs may mention Philip Marlowe and Travis McGee, but there's more than a little Mike Hammer and Mack Bolan tossed in here, too. Matt was an army brat who grew up all over the … Continue reading Matt Murdock

Dan Roman

Created by Edward Mathis (1927-1988) "Mathis was the real thing--a fine writer with a slant and style all his own. He brought us a dusty tapped-out Texas I'd never encountered before. If he reminded me of anybody it was the proletariat novelists of the Forties and Fifties such as Harvey Swados and Clancy Sigal." -- … Continue reading Dan Roman

El Borbah

Created by Charles Burns Here he comes, 400 pounds of heavenly fun, in a Mexican wrestling mask, no less! Who says I don't listen to you guys? A few years back, I received this letter from Frank Patterson: Kevin, I love the Thrilling Detective site! I've been a frequent visitor since I stumbled upon it … Continue reading El Borbah

Tom Bethany

Created by Jerome Doolittle (1933-2023) "That particular spring day, fooling around in the library, I was interested in why good intentions so often end up making things worse than they were before. consequently I was taking notes on a great reform called the Federal Electyion Act of 1971, which gave us political action committees. Before … Continue reading Tom Bethany

Jack Kyle

Created by Richard Abshire JACK KYLE is an ex-cop turned Dallas gumshoe, who served in Vietnam as a sniper and seems to know way more than he should about explosives. During his cop days he earned the nickname "Turnaround Jack" for his ability to "turnaround" a case. But he's pretty much your typical hard-boiled operative: … Continue reading Jack Kyle

Artie Weatherby

Created by J.M.T. Miller Pseudonym of Janice M. Tubbs-Miller 1944- Okay, ARTIE WEATHERBY doesn't have exactly a rough-and-tough name like Mike Hammer, but he makes do. Or at least he thinks he does. So what if his beverage of choice is lime-flavored mineral water? Artie's one smug guy, can even get a tad self-righteous, and he … Continue reading Artie Weatherby