Andy Roark

Created by Peter Colt

Not to get all Springsteeny or anything, but when ANDY ROARK came marching home from Vietnam, it wasn’t the greatest of homecomings. And ten years or so burning down that road, he’s still trying to find his way in the world.

He’s back home in Boston, circa 1982, working as a private investigator (after stints in college and, briefly, as a cop), opting for no-brainer divorce work and insurance fraud cases, and reliving “dreams I don’t like to talk about.” But of course, trouble comes a-calling in the slow, slow-burn series debut, The Off-Islander (2019), when he takes on a case for an old pal and joins the hunt for a missing Californian politician, which leads Roark to Nantucket Island in the off-season.

Long may he run…

Peter Colt is currently a police officer in a small New England city where he has worked since 2007, after spending over twenty years in the Army reserve. He’s currently working on the next Andy Roark mystery.


  • “If you like your mysteries to be old-school in the vein of John D. MacDonald, or even farther back to Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett, then you will appreciate this striking debut by Peter Colt. Long on atmosphere, detail, and character, it could place detective Andy Roark amongst the classic noir sleuths.”
    — Raymond Benson on The Off-Islander
  • “Constant rain, perennial drinking, thinking about a fedora (not a joke), jazz, cigarettes, more scotch, and more cold, rainy weather, and shrugging in and out of coats while walking in and out of bars make this a tribute to classic noir that tries too hard.”
    — Gabino Iglesias on The Off-Islander (October 2019, Criminal Element)



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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