Henry Lee (The Law and Mr. Lee)

Created by John Wirth The Law and Mr. Lee, a TV show tentatively scheduled for the 2003-04-05 season but so far unaired, focuses on an Oakland-based private eye HENRY LEE, played by Danny Glover. Lee is a former Oakland police officer who spent 18 months in prison for "protecting a fellow officer" (that's a crime?). … Continue reading Henry Lee (The Law and Mr. Lee)

Socrates Fortlow

Created by Walter Mosley (1952--) Not a private eye, not a cop, not even really an amateur sleuth, SOCRATES FORTLOW is just an aging ex-con (he served twenty-seven years for a double murder) trying to cope. He lives in a tiny, makeshift two-room Watts apartment, cooking on a hot plate, taking whatever honest work he … Continue reading Socrates Fortlow

Easy Rawlins

Created by Walter Mosley (1952--) “If I knew where I stood then I had a chance of getting where I was going.” -- Cinnamon Kiss In post-WWII Los Angeles, EZEKIEL "EASY" RAWLINS, an unemployed black vet desperate to hang on to his small house, agrees to do a little private snooping for a local gangster, … Continue reading Easy Rawlins

Leonid McGill

Created by Walter Mosley (1952--) LEONID McGILL may just be the Job of detective fiction. Walter Mosley's contemporary African-American private eye and family man (with three grown -- and at times troublesome -- children), partial to Lucky Strikes and beer, is trying to make a go of it on the decidedly mean and frequently bewildering … Continue reading Leonid McGill

Joe King Oliver

Created by Walter Mosley (1952--) From the opening blast of it's dedication ("For Malcolm, Medgar, and Martin"), Mosley makes it clear which side of the "Black Lives Matter" debate he's on, but as always the complexities and ironies of his take on American society raise the ambitious and bracing potential series debut Down the River … Continue reading Joe King Oliver

Fallen Angels

(1993-95, Showtime) FALLEN ANGELS was a crime television anthology that aired on the American network, Showtime, in the 1990's. Not all the episodes featured private eyes, or even detectives, per se, but who cares? It paired some great hard-boiled and noir short stories by some of the genre's masters (you know, hacks like Raymond Chandler, … Continue reading Fallen Angels