Henry Lee (The Law and Mr. Lee)

Created by John Wirth

The Law and Mr. Lee, a TV show tentatively scheduled for the 2003-04-05 season but so far unaired, focuses on an Oakland-based private eye HENRY LEE, played by Danny Glover. Lee is a former Oakland police officer who spent 18 months in prison for “protecting a fellow officer” (that’s a crime?). Upon his release he becomes a private detective.

The show would supposedly deal with “fictional community crime issues.” By community I assume they mean “Black,” but who knows? Anything would be better than Nash Bridges.

One of the promising aspects of this show — besides the fact Glover’s just a rock-solid actor — is that Easy Rawlins‘ creator, Walter Mosley, was one of the producers, which would have been a very good thing. But Aaron Spelling was another of the producers. If Mr. Lee drives starts driving around the Bay Area in a shiny red vintage car and gets a secretary who wears bikinis to the office, we’ll know who to blame.

A pilot was filmed, but that seems to be as far as this project went…


  • Once upon a time, Walter Mosley confessed to me that he was disappointed with the casting of Denzel Washington as Easy Rawlins in the film version of Devil with a Blue Dress. He thought Danny Glover would have been a better choice.


    (2003, CBS)
    Writers: John Wirth, Edward Bernero
    Director: Kevin Sullivan
    Producers: Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent, John Wirth, Kevin Sullivan, Arnold Rifkin, Walter Mosley, Danny Glover, Karen Moore, Paul Marks, Fred Blankfein
    Starring Danny Glover, D.B. Woodside, Bill Smitrovich, Rosanna Arquette, A. Martinez, Frances Lee McCain, Gina Torres, Tina Lifford, Conor Dubin, Tamara Mello, Tequan Richmond, Domenique Lozano.


Preliminary report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, following a lead from Chris Gumprich.

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