Dicky Barrett (Vegas Dick)

Created by Rich Wilkes

Vegas Dick was a UPN pilot, scheduled to air during the 2003-04 season, centering on DICKY BARRETT, a former con artist who attempts to go straight, and ends up scamming his way into a gig as the house detective at a swanky Las Vegas casino. His boss (played by Katherine Heigl) was the daughter of the hotel and casino owner.

Unfortunately, Dicky (besides of course having the misfortune of being called “Dicky”) had several grifter friends from his past life who aren’t convinced he’s gone straight, and he is forced to juggle his new life with his former con ways. So, instead, he makes good use of his old cronies , including Barnes, a twenty-something babe; Miguel Cruz, a teenage electronics whiz; and his uncle, Clay, an elderly scam artist who may just be losing it, in his new career as one of the good guys.

Vegas seemed to be really hot as a TV show location in 2003. CBS kicked it off with CSI, Fox continued it with the quirky comedy/drama, Lucky, and several other networks jumped on the bandwagon that year, including CBS with Las Vegas and Lifetime with Wild Card.

But a hot location apparently wasn’t enough. The pilot crapped out, and apparently never even aired.


    (2003, UPN)
    Created by Rich Wilkes
    Writers: Rich Wilkes
    Co-executive producer: Rich Wilkes
    Executive producers: Neil Moritz, Marty Adelstein and Dawn Parouse
    Starring Vincent Ventresca as DICKY BARRETT
    Also starring Katherine Heigl


Preliminary report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, following a lead from Chris Gumprich.

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