Mrs. Wabash (Dicks)

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Dicks was a pilot allegedly in production for a proposed TV series, possibly a mid-season replacement on the WB network. It revolved around a quartet of aimless twenty-somethings (a girl and three guys) in Los Angeles — the smart, sophisticated Molly and three guys–who go to junior college and learn how to be private investigators, and their teacher, MRS. WABASH (played by Rhea Perlman, whose hubby at the time, Danny DeVito, is one of the executive producers).

Given DeVito and Perlman’s track record (Cheers, Taxi, Matilda, etc.) , this would have been something to see, and probably a real hoot.

Was it ever completed? Did it ever air? Will it ever see the light of day? And when Perlman and DeVito divorced, who got custody?


    (aka “Other People’s Business”)
    (2003, WB)
    Executive producers: Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher, John Landgraf
    Starring Rhea Perlman as MRS. WABASH
    Also starring Judy Greer, Cory Gums


Preliminary report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, following a lead from Chris Gumprich.

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