My Scrapbook: The TV GUIDE Gallery

My Scrapbook

The TV GUIDE Gallery: They Got You Covered…

The private eye has pretty much been a mainstay of American television from almost the very beginning, ever since the very first private eye TV shows, Man Against Crime and Martin Kane, Private Eye, both made their debut in 1949.

And all along, coffee table perennial TV Guide, an American classic itself, has been keeping an eye on the Shamus Game.

Don’t believe me? Cast your eye on the covers below. How many do you remember?


If you know of a cover that I’ve missed or, even better, if you’ve got a decent scan of it, don’t be shy.


TV Guide
Still going strong, and still keeping pace with the ever-evolving video universe.

TV Eye Shows
An alphabetical listing.

TV Eyes Timeline
A timeline, in chronological order

TV Eyes
The Made-For-The-Tube Movies & Pilots


Respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith.

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