Russ Andrews, Steve Banks & Maggie Peters (The Investigators)

Russ Andrews, Steve Banks & Maggie Peters (The Investigators)
Created by Michael Garrison

James Franciscus as Russ Andrews

Hotshot insurance investigators RUSS ANDREWS and STEVE BANKS ran the prestigious, swanky New York-based Investigators, Inc. on The Investigator, a 1961 television show that attempted to milk the popularity of 77 Sunset Strip (1958) and its numerous imitators, a formula that was easy enough to copy, but not necessarily guaranteed to succeed.

Russ was the definitely the star of the show here, as played by James Franciscus.  He was a handsome, young Yale graduate, who had served as an infantry captain during the Korean War, and pretty much oozed breeding and class. Steve, meanwhile, was bigger and brawnier, an ex-cop who usually took a more hands-on approach.

But like its inspiration, the show shifted its focus from one investigator to another every week. Specializing in fraudulent or suspicious high-priced insurance claims, Russ or Steve would regularly work cases, or assign them to MAGGIE PETERS (Making her television’s first female licensed eye, predating Honey West by at least four years) or junior associates Bill Davis and Danny Clayton.

Although the show was short-lived (only 13 episodes), Franciscus may have picked up a few pointers on the insurance racket. A decade later, he popped up as an insurance investigator again in Longstreet (1971-72).

The show was created by Michael Garrison, who later created The Wild, Wild West.


  • Apparently, at least one of the episodes was directed by Joseph H. Lewis, best known for directing the classic noir Gun Crazy, although it’s unlikely he directed all of them, as some have theorized, since at the time he had recently suffered a near-fatal heart attack, and was limiting his workload to one week a month.


    (1961, CBS)
    Black & white
    13 60-minute episodes
    Created by Michael Garrison
    Writers: John Gerard, James Gunn
    Directors: Joseph H. Lewis
    Original music: Pete Rugolo
    Produced by Michael Garrison
    Executive Producer: Richard Irving
    Starring James Franciscus as RUSS ANDREWS
    James Philbrook as STEVE BANKS
    and Al Austin as BILL DAVIS
    Also starring Mary Murphy as MAGGIE PETERS
    and June Kenny as June Polly
    Guest stars: Jane Wyman, Claire Trevor, Ida Lupino, Gavin McLeod, Robert Webber, Mickey Rooney, Alan Mowbray, Otto Kruger, Rhonda Fleming, Dennis Hopper, Joanna Barnes, Edward Binns, Pat Carroll, William Fawcett, Rhonda Fleming, Bethel Leslie, Lee Marvin, Dina Merrill, Richard Rust, Albert Salmi, Vaughn Taylor, Harry Townes, Jane Wyman

    • “Murder on Order” (October 5, 1961)
    • “The Oracle” (October 12, 1961)
    • “New Sound for the Blues” (October 19, 1961)
    • “I Thee Kill” (October 26, 1961)
    • “Quite a Woman” (November 2, 1961)
    • “Style of Living” (November 9, 1961)
    • “In a Mirror, Darkly” (November 16, 1961)
    • “De Luca” (November 23, 1961)
    • “Death Leaves a Tip” (November 30, 1961)
    • “Panic Wagon” (December 7, 1961)
    • “The Mind’s Own Fire” (December 14, 1961)
    • “Something for Charity” (December 21, 1961)
    • “Dead End Man, The” (December 28, 1961)
    • Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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