William Tyre

Created by Henry Slesar Pseudonyms include Clyde Mitchell, O.H. leslie, Ivar Jorgensen, E.K. Jarvis, Lawrence Chandler, Sley Harson,Gerald Vance, Jeff Heller, Wli Jerome (1927-2002) Short story writer Henry Slesar was a mainstay of the 50s-60s crime digests, writing everything from taut little domestic thrillers to even an occasional private eye yarn (see Steve Tyner), such … Continue reading William Tyre

Russ Andrews, Steve Banks & Bill Davis (The Investigators)

Created by Michael Garrison Hotshot insurance investigators RUSS ANDREWS and STEVE BANKS ran the prestigious, swanky New York-based Investigators, Inc. on The Investigators, a 1961 television show that attempted to milk the popularity of 77 Sunset Strip (1958) and its numerous imitators, a formula that was easy enough to copy, but not necessarily guaranteed to succeed. Russ was the definitely the star … Continue reading Russ Andrews, Steve Banks & Bill Davis (The Investigators)

Mike Longstreet

Developed for television by Stirling Silliphant From a character created by Baynard Kendricks The seventies were truly the Golden Age of the TV Dick, when the airwaves were saturated with private eyes and cops of all sizes and shapes. There were so many of them that the nightly barrage of murder and mayhem began to … Continue reading Mike Longstreet