Kieran Yeats

Created by Linda J. Wright
Pseudonyms include Lauren Wright Douglas


Last I heard of the author, she was Lauren Wright Douglas, and she had just written a series of books featuring Victoria, British Columbia lesbian private eye Caitlin Reece, who used to work for the Crown Attorney office, and carries a .357 Magnum.

But now, almost twenty-five years later, she’s back, with a brand new series featuring another Victoria, British Columbia lesbian private eye, KIERAN YEATS, a former Crown Counsel. She carries a .38.

Kieran specializes in crimes related to animals. But wipe away those disturbing images of rubber-faced Jim Carrey chewing up scenery — Kieran’s a different kind of pet detective, and she’s very serious about her work. She’ll do whatever she has to to crack the case, be it relying on the help of a hacker pal (Edgar Poe) or hitting the streets.

The author has been involved in animal rights advocacy for over thirty years. After wrapping up the Caitlin Reece books (the second in the series won the Lambda Literary Award for Best Mystery), she tried her hand at another mystery series and a few other things, and then pretty much fell off the face of the earth, as far as I could tell. Turns out she was busy — in 1990, she founded the rescue organization The Cat People, and has since served on the boards of several animal welfare organizations and consulted dozens of animal rescue/welfare groups. In 1999 she was part of the team at the Free Willy Keiko Foundation that rescued Keiko the orca (the real Free Willy) and rehabilitated him in Newport, Oregon, setting him free off Iceland. Still, I’m glad to see her re-emerge in 2018 with this proposed new series, published under her own name.  She now lives in Oregon, with her partner and their “spoiled rotten cat.”


  • “…a riveting whodunnit that’s not dependent on murder to sustain interest.”
    — Publishers Weekly


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. This page dedicated to Sam and Matilda.

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