Helen Keremos

Created by Eve Zaremba Back in the eighties, The Globe and Mail called HELEN KEREMOS "the best of the feminist lesbian detectives." I'm not sure about the best, but she certainly was one of the first, and certainly the first (1978) to be printed by a mainstream press (Paperjacks). Personally, I found her a little … Continue reading Helen Keremos

Alma Rosales

Created by Katrina Carrasco Mama, don't let your babies grown up to be cowgirls? All of a sudden, female operatives for turn-of-the-century (the last one) detective agencies are hot. But some are hotter than others. Particularly bi-sexual "half-Mexican" ALMA ROSALES, a square peg in the increasingly corporate round hole that the Pinkerton Detective Agency had already … Continue reading Alma Rosales

Kieran Yeats

Created by Linda J. Wright Pseudonyms include Lauren Wright Douglas Last I heard of the author, she was Lauren Wright Douglas, and she had just written a series of books featuring Victoria, British Columbia lesbian private eye Caitlin Reece, who used to work for the Crown Attorney office, and carries a .357 Magnum. But now, almost … Continue reading Kieran Yeats

Caitlin Reece

Created by Lauren Wright Douglas Pseudonym of Linda J. Wright Fortyish feminist and lesbian CAITLIN REECE used to be with the Crown Attorney office, but when we meet her in her debut, The Always Anonymous Beast (1987), she's squeezing out a living as a private peeper, working the rain-drenched but oh-so-clean and touristy streets of … Continue reading Caitlin Reece

Claude Alphand

Created by Claude Ollier and Hugo Santiago In Écoute voir..., a 1979 French film, world class beauty Catherine Deneuve plays CLAUDE ALPHAND, a private eye who dresses like a man, favoring a fedora and trenchcoat (this is a clue). She's summoned to the castle of a young nobleman and scholar Arnaud de Maule  to investigate an attempted … Continue reading Claude Alphand