Boise Montague

Created by Gene Resrochers

Multi-racial sad sack BOISE MONTAGUE grew up on the to the small Caribbean island of St. Thomas, but when we first meet him, in Dark Paradise (2018), the first in a proposed series, he’s a private detective in Los Angeles with exceptionally good teeth and good hair, pulling in the big bucks, but slowly coming apart internally, still trying to come to terms with his wife Evelyn’s murder a year earlier. Well, he thinks it’s murder — the LA Sheriff’s Department still think it was an accident. Strongly.

Frustrated and emotionally burned out, he shucks the City of Angels, feeling a need to get back to where he once belonged. Reconnect with his past.

But apparently Boise hadn’t heard you can’t go back again. Especially when things have turned to shit there as well. Old pals have moved on, the old landmarks are toast, and nothing’s like it was. And then Roger Black, his childhood best friend, is found murdered.

He hooks up with feisty local reporter Dana Goode, who’s already working the story, and has a few theories of her own. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship…


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.


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