Mike Cobb & Adam Cullen

Created by David A. Poulsen MIKE COBB is a former cop. ADAM CULLEN is a former crime reporter for the Calgary Herald. Now they both freelance: Mike as a private investigator, and Adam as a journalist-for-hire. They became friends when Cullen hired Cobb to investigate the burning down of his home which had resulted in … Continue reading Mike Cobb & Adam Cullen

Becker (Becker: House Detective)

Created by Martin Kitsch The hero of Becker: House Detective, another CBC radio series,\clues us in on his lot in life: "The Queen of the Rockies. A Grand Hotel. About the last thing you'd expect to find in the Rockies in 1923, but then I may be the last thing you'd expect to find in … Continue reading Becker (Becker: House Detective)

Jorja Knight

Created by Alice Bienia Can you sing the young woman blues? Putting a knife attack by a crazy coworker at Global Analytix and her job as a lab rat in their Forensics department in her rearview, Calgary's JORJA KNIGHT has come up with a brand new plan. She's rebooting her life, beginning with hanging out … Continue reading Jorja Knight

Leo Desroches

Created by Wayne Arthurson "People always assume that newspapers are keen to print the truth, but that's wrong. The first goal of a news story is to be accurate.There's a big difference between accuracy and the truth." -- Fall from Grace Reporter LEO DESROCHES, the son of Cree and French-Canadian parents, is a compulsive gambler … Continue reading Leo Desroches