Jorja Knight

Created by Alice Bienia

Can you sing the young woman blues?

Putting a knife attack by a crazy coworker at Global Analytix and her job as a lab rat in their Forensics department in her rearview, Calgary’s JORJA KNIGHT has come up with a brand new plan. She’s rebooting her life, beginning with hanging out a shingle as a solo private investigator. She’s got it all mapped out– she has an eighth floor apartment near Calgary’s Glenmore Park that’s livable, a Honda Civic that (mostly) runs, a vision board, and yoga and pizza to keep her balanced. She’s even thinking about getting a cat. At least that’s the plan, in her debut novel, Knight Blind (2020).

But God must have been listening, because He gets a big chuckle out of saddling her, right off the bat,  with a nasty case involving a Holocaust survivor’s missing nephew (long thought dead), blackmail, corruption, family secrets, lies and murders, both promised and done.

And life doesn’t get any easier in the sequels. But Biena sure knows how to crank up the suspense. Keep an eye on this one.


Canadian writer Alice Bienia (Yay, team!) is a member of Sisters in Crime, Crime Writers of Canada, and the Writers’ Guild of Alberta. When not plotting a murder, Alice amuses herself watching foreign flicks (ie: American movies) and exploring Calgary’s many urban parks and pathways. Her debut novel, Knight Blind, was a 2016 Unhanged Arthur Ellis Award finalist.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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