Leo Desroches

Created by Wayne Arthurson

“People always assume that newspapers are keen to print the truth, but that’s wrong. The first goal of a news story is to be accurate.There’s a big difference between accuracy and the truth.”
Fall from Grace

Reporter LEO DESROCHES, the son of Cree and French-Canadian parents, is a compulsive gambler and recovering alcoholic who’s pretty much screwed up everything in his life, to the point where he was living on the street, panhandling for spare change and hoping for a minor arrest so he can spend the night indoors.

But now he’s begun the slow crawl back, taking a gig working for The Edmonton Journal, the city’s biggest paper, covering their “Aboriginal Issues” beat.

A fresh voice, a unique perspective and an intriguing setting, a mix of prairie grit and big city noir. I’ll be watching this one.

Wayne Arthurson, like Leo, is the son of Cree and French-Canadian parents. He’s worked as a newspaper reporter, a rock drummer and as a freelance journalist. He’s also the author of several nonfction works, including In the Shadow of Our Ancestors: The Inventions and Genius of the First Peoples (2011) and Spirit Animals: The Wisdom of Nature (2013). He lives in Edmonton.


  • “It’s about time someone set a kick-ass crime novel in Edmonton, and Wayne Arthurson is the man to do it.”
    — Giles Blunt
  • “The way Arthurson blends disparate elements together in his winning debut augurs well for future efforts. Here’s hoping Arthurson brings the troubled Leo Desroches back for an encore, and soon.”
    — Mystery Scene



Preliminary report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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