Virgil Wounded Horse

Created by David Heska Wanbli Weiden “The past sticks to you on the rez.” When you need a little justice on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, the American legal system and the local tribal council police aren't always that helpful. Which is a polite way of saying often fucking useless. Which is where … Continue reading Virgil Wounded Horse

Leo Desroches

Created by Wayne Arthurson "People always assume that newspapers are keen to print the truth, but that's wrong. The first goal of a news story is to be accurate.There's a big difference between accuracy and the truth." -- Fall from Grace Reporter LEO DESROCHES, the son of Cree and French-Canadian parents, is a compulsive gambler … Continue reading Leo Desroches

Native American Eyes & Faithful Indian Companions

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly   Sheesh. The crude, racial stereotyping of the past is bad enough, but how far have we really come? Now, besides the good old-fashioned racism that somehow refuses to die, we have the good-intentioned but often inverted racism of adding of a dollop of native blood to a … Continue reading Native American Eyes & Faithful Indian Companions

Johnny Canuck

Created by James Moffatt Pseudonyms include Richard Allen, J. J. More, Etienne Aubin, Trudi Maxwell, Leslie McManus, James Taylor, Ray Ferrier, Johnny Douglas, Ron Cunningham, Ray Court, Johnny Douglas, Francis Duke & Leslie McManus Also used house pseudonyms Hilary Brand & Hank Janson (1922-93) Over the years, Canadians have been in turn greatly bemused and painfully embarrassed … Continue reading Johnny Canuck

Jim Anthony

Created by John Grange House pseudonym, includes Victor Rousseau, Robert Leslie Bellem, W.T. Ballard & possibly others "As a manhunter Jim Anthony had no equals; his fame as an amateur scientific criminologist was world-wide. Detection was his hobby, his avocation; countless were the mysteries he had solved, the murderers he had brought to justice after the police … Continue reading Jim Anthony