“Hank Janson Blues” by Anne Shelton

1953, Words and Music by Peter Cornish and George Korel
As recorded by as recorded by Anne Shelton & Hank Janson
With Johnny Franz (piano) & Wally Stott and his Orchestra

The Hank Janson books, about a hard-boiled Chicago newspaperman (and later, a hard-boiled private eye) were so popular in the U.K. in the 1940’s and ’50’s that they inspired this song, recorded in May 1953 by Anne Shelton and “Hank Janson,” with Johnny Franz on piano and Wally Stott and his Orchestra. Shelton was a much loved English vocalist, best remembered for her inspirational songs for soldiers during World War II , and her best-selling original English version of “Lili Marlene.”

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Anne Shelton

The song begins as a dialogue between Anne Shelton and “Hank”:

Anne: Hello Hank, I’ve been waiting, I’ve been wanting to see you, honey!
Hank: Oh, hiya kid!
Anne: Are you going my way, Hank?
Hank: Listen kid, I’m kinda busy right now!
Anne: I was wondering, maybe we could–
Hank: Tell you what, honey, I’ll give you a ring sometime!
Anne: Oh Hank!

(Singing) I’m walkin’ around with nowhere to go
Only myself to amuse.
I feel so tired and a new kind of low
I’ve got the Hank Janson blues!

He doesn’t know I even exist
I’m not the one he would choose
I hope that I have a place on his list
I’ve got the Hank Janson blues!

‘Cause Hank is a guy
A wonderful guy
He’s tough, but he’s kind you see.
He has the breaks, He’s got what it takes,
But he takes no time out for me!

So I’ll stick around and wait for my chance,
Guess I’ve got nothing to lose!
But till this guy’s in the mood for romance,
I’ve got the Hank Janson blues,
I’ve got the Hank Janson blues!

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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