Mike Cobb & Adam Cullen

Created by David A. Poulsen MIKE COBB is a former cop. ADAM CULLEN is a former crime reporter for the Calgary Herald. Now they both freelance: Mike as a private investigator, and Adam as a journalist-for-hire. They became friends when Cullen hired Cobb to investigate the burning down of his home which had resulted in … Continue reading Mike Cobb & Adam Cullen

It’s Only Words

Lyrics to Some Songs About Private Eyes   “Watching the Detectives” by Evis Costello “Private Eye" by The Nips "The Continental Op" by Rory Gallagher "Private Investigations" by Dire Straits “The Long Drive” by Hamell on Trial Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.  

It’s Only Words: “Watching the Detectives” by Elvis Costello

(1977) Performed by Elvis Costello Words and music by Elvis Costello With its ominous (and immediately recognizable) bass line thumping like an implied threat, and the impressionistic snapshot lyrics swiped from a million private eye tales and films noir, the P.I. is finally here, to deal with the clients "who are ready to hear the … Continue reading It’s Only Words: “Watching the Detectives” by Elvis Costello

It’s Only Words: “The Long Drive” by Hamell on Trial

2000 Performed by Hamell Words and music by Hamell in Trial It’s difficult to pigeon-hole Ed Hamell, who performs as Hamell On Trial. Imagine the foul-mouthed love child of Billy Bragg and Lou Reed doing stand-up—with guitar, and you might come close. This noirish little nightmare, from his 2000 album Choochtown, is a shaggy dog … Continue reading It’s Only Words: “The Long Drive” by Hamell on Trial

It’s Only Words: “Private Investigations” by Dire Straits

1982 Performed by Dire Straits Words and Music by Dire Straits A pretty obvious choice. The unnamed gumshoe in Mark Knopler's bittersweet, downbeat blues from the 1982 album Love Over Gold seems to have had a few too many cases turn out like that of the detective in Ed Hamell’s "The Long Drive." He sits in his … Continue reading It’s Only Words: “Private Investigations” by Dire Straits

Liner Notes from John Zorn’s “Spillane”

“What is this shit?" John Zorn's 1987 album Spillane, a twenty-odd minute performance piece (some of it very odd), is an aural dumpster dive, full of jagged bits of jazz, spoken word, sound effects and who knows what else, inspired by pulp fiction and in particular the works of Mickey Spillane. It's the centerpiece of the album, … Continue reading Liner Notes from John Zorn’s “Spillane”

Stone & Stine (City of Angels)

Music by Cy Coleman Lyrics by David Zippel Book by Larry Gelbart ''It's as though I was hit by a wrecking ball wearing a pinky ring'' -- Stone City of Angels was an ambitious and well-received musical comedy that wowed them on Broadway in 1989, written by Larry (M*A*S*H) Gelbart, with music by Cy Coleman and lyrics … Continue reading Stone & Stine (City of Angels)

“Babes and Bullets” by Lou Rawls

1989, Words and Music by Desiree Goyette and Ed Bogas Performed by Lou Rawls Hardly the most impressive track from Lou Rawls' long and distinguished career, but this little earworm served its purpose.  Clocking in at just a minute and change, it was the theme (and only song) in the 1989 animated television special, Garfield's … Continue reading “Babes and Bullets” by Lou Rawls

Hidden Tracks

Private Eye TV Shows... with Real! Live! Rockers! Yeah, we all know it's only rock and roll. But we like it. Still, in the decades before Midnight Special and MTV, the fusion of rock and TV drama had always been iffy, if not downright embarrassing. Think of rock and roll and television as fraternal twins, … Continue reading Hidden Tracks

Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice Playlist

As Chosen By the Master Himself Thomas Pynchon actually compiled a playlist of sorts for his 2009 novel, Inherent Vice, as an Amazon Exclusive. It was definitely and infinitely weird and eclectic, a wide-ranging hodge-podge of musical digressions, rounding up everyone from Roy Rogers and Frank Sinatra to The Doors and The Beach Boys, from bossa … Continue reading Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice Playlist