“Flitcraft” by The Mekons

Words and Music by The Mekons From the album "Fear and Whiskey" (1985) The Mekons were a scrappy British punk band from Leeds that defied the odds and never quite went away. Instead, they grew up and ended up embracing country, folk, reggae, honky tonk, punk, rock and anything else that tickled their fancies in their … Continue reading “Flitcraft” by The Mekons

Suddenly the Air Was Full of Music…

Ladies and gentlemen, may I submit for your approval... SIDE A The Peter Gunn Theme | Buy this song Henry Mancini We kick off with the inevitable and instantly-recognizable thomping thud of Mancini's theme from perhaps the coolest TV eye of all time. This tune packs its own sort of menace, while never letting us forget that, … Continue reading Suddenly the Air Was Full of Music…

Jack Reacher

Created by Lee Child Pseudonym of James Grant (1954--) "I was thirty-six years old, a citizen of a country I had barely seen, and there were places to go and there were things to do. There were cities, and there was countryside. There were mountains, and there were valleys. There were rivers. There were museums, … Continue reading Jack Reacher

Raymond Chandler and the Case of the Lost Libretto

Or: Pour O Pour The Goblin Wine "She was the beat of my heart for thirty years. She was the music heard faintly around the edge of the sound. It was my great and now useless regret that I never wrote anything really worth her attention, no book I could dedicate to her." -- Raymond Chandler, … Continue reading Raymond Chandler and the Case of the Lost Libretto

“The Continental Op” by Rory Gallagher

(For Dashiell Hammett) 1989, Words and Music by Rory Gallagher Irish blues rocker Gallagher released this bluesy, balls-to-the-wall ode to a personal hero on his 1988 album Defender. The AllMusic Guide said of the album: "There are a few corkers here like "Continental Op," a blazing riff that stands with Gallagher's best work and revisits … Continue reading “The Continental Op” by Rory Gallagher